Off The Street Drags Race Format

Registration and Technical Inspection: The front gate / sales will open at 1:00pm on event days. Spectator and driver entry fees may only be paid for at the gate with cash or credit card. There is no pre-registration for Off The Street Drags. The gate leading to the infield of the raceway will open at 1:00pm on event days. Upon purchasing a driver entry, drivers will receive the following items:

  1. Tech Card (self tech, see Vehicle Preparation)
  2. Driver Wrist Band (must be worn by the driver when racing)

Once a driver or spectator has purchased their entry to the event and the infield gates are opened, parking is available for racers and spectators on the west side of the paddock at PPIR (nearest to the drag strip/ pit lane). Cars may not park on the concrete pad that borders the drag strip wall, please park on asphalt only. Drivers shall fill out the Tech Card in its entirety and sign. Have the Tech Card ready in your car to give to a PPIR official upon approaching the starting line for the first run of the day.

Racing Format: The drag strip runs South to North (northbound). A multiple lane grid of cones will be setup prior to the burnout area and starting line. Drivers will pull into line and wait for their turn to run down the strip, races are first come, first serve. Look for the PPIR staff controlling the grid for direction on the line to park in. You may grudge race a friend or another racer by pulling in line together nose-to-tail and simply inform the PPIR staff member assisting in lining up cars at the starting area that you are looking to race the other car with you.

Once your turn to race has come up you will be directed by PPIR staff to pull up from the grid lanes into the burnout area. Burnouts are not required. No VHT or other similar liquids or materials may be used on the tires or the asphalt at any time. There is no water at the burnout area (just like the street). After completing the burnout, the driver will pull up to the staging/start line. Pull up enough to illuminate the pre-stage lights and then inch up slowly a bit more to illuminate the stage lights (both sets of yellow lights at the top of the Christmas Tree). Once both sets of lights are activated, within seconds the large yellow lights will drop from top to bottom and then the green light will turn on. Green means GO! Don’t be too quick to launch however because if your tire rolls away from the stage light beam before the green light turns on you will have lost the race, this is called red lighting. If you jump the start a red light will turn on signifying which lane is disqualified and has lost the race. After crossing the finish line that is marked with large cones drivers must slow down safely and the return speed on the track surface is 25mph, the speed limit in the paddock is 10mph. After a run drivers may park in the paddock or proceed back to the grid for another run.

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